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Tips for Organizing your Freezer

A man opening a refrigerator, view of the outside door covered in sticky notes and magnets

When it comes to conversations about freezers, the only thing we really like to discuss is what flavor of ice cream to store in them. Today, we’re branching out from that subject to share tips about organizing the freezer. Join our Artistry apartment community as we share a few helpful tips that can benefit you from day to day.

Tip 1: Wrap your food properly

If you store food in zipper storage bags, be sure to seal off as much air as possible. Air that is trapped inside zipper storage bags can quickly cause freezer burn.

Tip 2: Label your food

If you look in your freezer now, do you remember when everything was stored? When storing food, use masking tape and a marker to record what the food is and when you’re storing it.

Tip 3: Move the ice cream

Okay, you got us… We might not be discussing ice cream flavors, but we can still share a tip about keeping your ice cream cool. The door of the freezer is the warmest part of the unit. To keep your ice cream nice and cool, place it farther into your freezer.

Tip 4: Defrost your freezer

When you open your freezer door, does it look like Antarctica? Is there a thick layer of ice built up? Follow these online instructions to defrost your freezer.

Tip 5: Throw out the boxes

A lot of food we store takes up a lot of space — space that could be used to store even more food! While we don’t encourage anyone to stuff their freezer to its limit, we do think it’s smart to take items out of boxes and store them in bags or compact plastic containers.

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