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Let's Review Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2018

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Welcome back to the Artistry Blog! In 2018, we’ve shared posts about turning your apartment into an escape room, caring for your vehicle, delicious recipes — we’ve even shared tips for upgrading your doorstep with a unique doormat! Thank you for your continued readership.

As we finish up this year of blogging, we can’t help but reflect on all the topics we researched and wrote about. Join us as we take a quick look at our favorite blog posts of 2018. We hope that as you’ve read, you’ve found tips and information relevant for you. Let us know what types of blog posts you’d like to read in the future by commenting on today’s post. We hope to be a valuable resource where you can find helpful tips and information about our apartment community in Indianapolis, IN, as well as apartment living in general.

Top Blog Posts of 2018

Take a moment to review our favorite blog posts of the year.

Cultivate Gratitude this November

“November is the perfect time to reflect on what you’re thankful for. Whether you share these thoughts with your loved ones at the dinner table or record them in a journal, there are many ways to show gratitude. Join our apartment community in Indianapolis, IN as we show gratitude during this holiday season.”

The Best Quotes from Mister Rogers

“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was a timeless television series that ran from 1968 until 2001. Fred Rogers, a musician, puppeteer, writer, and minister touched the lives of countless individuals all over the world. His life has truly left a positive impression on many people. This month marks the release of the documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor, an exploration of Fred Rogers’ life and legacy. To celebrate this movie, we’re sharing some of our favorite Fred Rogers quotes.”

Delicious Frozen Treat Recipes

“This month we’re celebrating the ongoing summer season with a few delicious frozen treats that you can make in your apartment. Make Indianapolis, IN a little cooler with no-churn cookies and cream ice cream, blueberry butter cookie gelato, and more.”